1. I receive your form and send you back an exact quote via email.

  2. You send payment, and I begin your commission. Commissions will take 2 to 3 weeks to complete. If longer than that, I will inform you and you can decide if you would like to proceed.

  3. I will provide a sketch preview for you to make 3 FREE corrections. After 3 corrections have been used, I will bill you hourly.

  4. After the sketch is approved I will finish your commission. When done, I will send you a high resolution JPEG copy for you to keep.


  • I reserve the right to deny any commission for whatever reason.

  • Commissions will take 2 to 3 weeks to complete.

  • I reserve the right to sell prints or use the image for promotional purposes if I desire. However I do NOT claim ownership of your characters or other intellectual property.

  • You may use cropped or full portions of the commission for forum signatures, social media profile pictures, wallpapers, ect, but nothing for profit.

  • For commercial use commissions, please contact me so we may discuss licensing.


  • All payments UNDER $100 are to be sent upfront in full. Any commissions OVER $100 can be split into half up front, and half upon completion.

  • Please send all payments in USD through PayPal. You may use this LINK.

  • If I, for whatever reason, cannot finish your commission I will give you your full money back and whatever I did manage to finish in your commission for free.


  • I reserve all rights of the image. Note that this does NOT mean I own your character(s), just the image itself. If you require additional usage rights beyond personal use please contact me to discuss licensing.